Fast Cash Offers Launches Fair Fast Cash Initiative

Fast Cash Offers Launches Fair Fast Cash Initiative Aiding Struggling Homeowners Providing an alternative helps circumvent common hurdles faced in the traditional real estate market, publishes FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Houston, Texas)– Figures recently released from the real estate industry reveal less than 18 percent of homes sell within the amount of time current owners anticipate. Though properties typically remain on the market for an average of 30 days under ideal circumstances, this stint could last six months or longer depending on a number of factors. With this contradiction in mind, Guillermo Coronado of Fast Cash Offers has launched the Houston-based home purchasing company’s Fair Fast Cash Offer initiative. Coronado elaborated, “Most of our clients end up needing to sell their homes quickly, but they’re not always able to do so through conventional channels. An entire array of elements completely out of their control can easily leave them in a less-than-favorable situation waiting months for a buyer to come along, only to receive an offer well below fair market value. With our Fair Fast Cash Offer, we ask sellers to give us their address and contact information and answer five simple questions. Then, we generate an all-cash offer within 24 hours.” Condition factors into the amount of time in which a home sells with those needing repairs often being passed up for properties of more suitable status. Location is also a primary issue as those in highly sought-after areas are more likely to sell within the expected 30-day time frame. State of the market at the time of listing plays a role as well with aspects such as surrounding property values, change in local employment opportunities, interest rates and the number of other homes for sale in the region all affecting selling time. According to information found on the Fast Cash Offers website, sellers are also often forced to contend with additional issues when selling a home in the traditional manner. Among these are routine improvements to increase property values and marketability, as well as fees and 1 / 2 Press Release For Order # 50872 contracts associated with real estate agents. Due to the many variables involved, closing can take an additional 30 to 45 days, further lengthening the process. Concluded Coronado, “The costs and procedures involved in selling a home have a way of taking time and money sellers don’t have, and this is where we step in to offer an alternative. We provide Fast Cash Offers on Homes regardless of their condition or the circumstances surrounding clients’ reasons for selling. In most cases, we can close on a property in less than a week. We hope our Fair Fast Cash Offer initiative will encourage homeowners in sticky situations to turn to us for help, and potential clients are never obligated to sell us their homes after we make them an offer.” About Fast Cash Offers: A family-owned business, Fast Cash Offers is a real estate solutions company based in Houston, Texas. Their team helps homeowners facing foreclosure, divorce, probate,relocation, extensive property repairs, slow housing markets or other issues commonly encountered when selling a home.

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